My RiivoLution Pack For Mkwii

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My RiivoLution Pack For Mkwii

Post  UOne35000vr on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:44 pm

Well.. Ive made a pack for mkwii What a Face

Mario Kart wii =) Riivo!!
Texture Hacked Courses :-
Luigi Circuit --> Luigi's Redrace [UOne35000vr]
Mushroom Gorge --> Bowser's Cave [I forgot his name Rolling Eyes )
Toad's Factory --> Lava Factory [UOne35000vr]
Mario Circuit --> n0ob Circuit ..Lol [UOne35000vr]
Dk Summit --> Sonic Mountains [UOne35000vr]
WGM --> Wario's Raceway*BETA* [UOne35000vr inspiried by TheEnd35000vr]
Bowser's Castle --> Stickman Castle..First Texture hack [UOne35000vr]
Rainbow Road --> Black Rainbow Road [UOne35000vr]
SNES Ghost Valley 2 --> Blue Ghost Valley [UOne35000vr]
DS Yoshi Falls --> Smiley Falls [UOne35000vr]
DS Delfino Square --> Ownage Town.. weird name [UOne35000vr]
GCN Waluigi Stadium --> World Cup Stadium [UOne35000vr]
N64 Sherbet Land --> Black Ice Land *BETA* [UONe35000vr]
SNES Mario Circuit 3 --> Mario's Red Circuit [UOne35000vr]

Custom Text Message :-
Drift Select
Character Select
Kart/Bike Select
1Player Menu
Wifi Menu

Custom Texture hacks :-
Character. (Only Mario)

Music Hacks :-
Luigi Circuit ---> Mr.L's Theme
Mario Circuit ---> Mr.L's Theme
DS Yoshi Falls --> Mario striker charged (BOWSER's THEME)
SNES Ghost Valley --> Rainbow Road Theme
SNES Mario Circuit 3 --> Pirhana's Striker Theme..(mario strikers)
GCN Waluigi Stadium --> World Cup's Main Song Theme
Wifi Waiting/TT Replay Song --> Mario strikers disc channel song
Course Intro/OFFLINE/ --> Bowser's theme mario strikers song
Course Intro 2/OFFLINE/ --> ^SAME
Wifi Start song --> SAME^
Start Song/OFFLINE/ --> Metal Mario Star Song remix
Download Exclamation

Link: ?myw1bhvczbwsqq7

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