Spin from Bananas Speed Modifier

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Spin from Bananas Speed Modifier

Post  MrSuck35000vr on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:03 pm

Spin speed modfier [khacker] - PAL
0489154C xxxxxxxx

Spin speed modifier [khacker] - NTSC-U Ported by auto-porter
0488D104 xxxxxxxx

Spin speed modifier [khacker] - NTSC-J Ported by auto-porter
04890B9C xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx = Value
Orginal value is 3F800000

If you drive into a Banana you will spin very fast or very slow if you use this code.
Low value = you spin very slow
High value = very fast spin (no damage when heigh enough)

Have Lulz!

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