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Rewrite Disc Insertion Text

Post  The End 35000vr on Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:11 pm

Tnks to ep*revmage48 for this:


042450B0 00XX00XX
042450B4 00XX00XX
042450B8 00XX00XX
042450BC 00XX00XX
042450C0 00XX00XX
042450C4 00XX00XX
042450C8 00XX00XX
042450CC 00XX00XX
042450D0 00XX00XX
042450D4 00XX00XX
042450D8 00XX00XX
042450DC 00XX00XX
042450E0 00XX00XX
042450E4 00XX00XX
042450E8 00XX00XX
042450EC 00XX00XX
042450F0 00XX00XX
042450F4 00XX00XX
042450F8 00XX00XX
042450FC 00XX00XX
04245100 00XX00XX
04245104 00XX00XX

XX = letters of a word go there(encoded), for space as in just an empthy space, put in 20.

To encode words go here:(make sure to write your word/phrase in the place where it says ASCII Text, then when it is converted to hex, look where it says Hex Value, then fill in the XXs with the numbers without "%".)
ex:(NTSC-US)04245030 00480069, the code spells Hi.

Note:if you want letters to be capitalized, write in the letter capitalized and it will begin with 4 or a 5, depending the letter.
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